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Painting Safe Studio Palette


 Our studio Palette gives your more control over the drying time of your oil paint. Choose a Studio Palette for your studio or the Box Easel for the class room or field. Both have our patented oil paint preserving process. 

Painting Safe Box Easel

Painting Safe Box Easel

 16"x 16" model 3.4 lbs

Paint almost any size canvas or panel up to 20" tall. Or paint up to an 11x14 and Paint close and carry with the oil paint and painting inside.

Painting Safe Box Easel


After many years of dragging around all the old heavy artist gear that was designed in the 1870's we decided there must be a better way!

My wife and I are both artists and love to paint en-plein air (out doors) and that means double the gear, we were making way to many trips back to the truck. Everyone that paints out knows that you can spend more time carrying gear than painting if you're not careful.

In workshops, classrooms, paint outs or in the studio we wanted to design a box easel for all.

It has to be light but solid, compact but able to handle a large canvas , fast set up is must and wouldn't it be nice if you only had to buy it once?

After five years of designing we are happy to offer our patented , Painting Safe Box Easel. With our patented oil paint preserving process.

We stand behind our products - buy with confidence!

Now, we can all spend more time just painting!

Happy Painting!

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